My story

I have had diabetes for many years now. When I first found out was around 20 years old. I was young and seemed healthy. I didn't pay any attention to the warnings that the doctors gave. I still ate the way I wanted to and lived what I thought was a healthy life. I knew that I had family members who were diabetics. Some have even lost their eye site and had their legs amputated but I felt good and didn't care. That was a big mistake!

Over the next few year my high glucose levels was doing damage to my body. I now have neuropathy and suffer with the burning, stinging, and pain in both of my legs. Quite often bringing me almost to the point of tears. I am lucky however that the doctor says that my eyes, kidneys, and the rest of my body still seems to be ok.

I have put off taking pills or insulin for years. This was partly due to financial problems and also part in fear of the possible side effects of the medications. A few months ago, due to the kindness of a local group of Christian doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, I finally decided to get the help I needed. They started me on one pill and also insulin. I am still working on my diet and exercise but my sugar levels are getting much better!

If you have been told you have diabetes PLEASE get the help you need! Start eating right! Get plenty of exercise! Take the medications that the doctor recommends. It will not be easy but your quality and length of life will be much better!

Good luck,
Mark Davis.

My story (Updated January 2010)

My health has gone down quite a bit and my glucose levels have gotten way out of control. My dite has gotten worse than ever as well. My doctor and I just had a discussion and has told me that I have an infection in both of my legs. They are treating it and have told me that I should be ok but they said I must get my dite under control! I may not be able to reverse the damage that has already been done to my body but know I can stop it from getting worse! Don't be like me and let things get out of control. I have suffered bad and you may not believe it but one day you will too if you don't keep your sugar under control!

Good luck,
Mark Davis.

Glucose and insulin Excel document

Being a diabetic requires that a person monitors their glucose levels very closely and also keeps track of the amount of insulin they take. They must also watch what they eat very closely. I have created several spreads sheet to do just that. They can help you keep up with your average glucose levels at any given time and contain graphs that can be very useful in monitoring your condition. They can also help you track the food you eat. They are very easy to use and do all the calculations for you. All you have to do is enter the values that your doctor recommends and the values you get when you test. These spread sheets are designed to cover a full year at a time and can be started at any time during the year. They are great for printing and taking to the doctor with you so that they have an accurate picture of your levels. I hope they will be a big help in controling your diabetes!