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--------- Mark and Mary Davis. ---------

Happily married since November 1984.

This page is now "UP AND RUNNING!"

Mark's home page is now up and running! There is no telling what we are going to add so, Please check back later and see what we come up with!!!!!

My Writing projects

I have started several writing projects. I am now a member of the Sharedwordsoffsite writing group and am also writing my first novel for NaNoWriMooffsite. You can checkout my new projects using the following links.

The Perfect Murderoffsite is my first published novel and is now available for purchase in either print or ebook format. I hope you will check it out.

My SharedWords Bio Pageoffsite

My NaNoWriMo Bio Page Pageoffsite

"Famous Quotes" and History of the day!

Famous quotes and History of the day are provided by brainyquotes.com

Lowe's Spring Dream Challenge

We didn't win but thanks to everyone who voted for us! You can still see this video in the "My home videos" section of this page.

My home videos

We have decided to put some of our videos here for you to watch. I hope you enjoy them!


C-Forms are now being redesigned for use on Facebook. We will add a link here as soon as they are ready to be played. If you have already tried our C-Forms you will find the new version much better and worth the wait!

Christmas music

I have completed my first Christmas CD titled Heavenly peace. The songs were written and recorded by me in hopes that someone will hear them and realize the true meaning of Christmas. It is my hope that they will help bring someone to Christ this Christmas and be a blessing to others for many years to come! Click this link to go to a page where you can listen to and/or download all of the songs on this CD.

Shall we play a game?

We have many games to choose from. They do not have to be downloaded or installed. Just select a game and play it in you browser! So go ahead and have some fun!

Image Diabetes page

This page contains the story of my battle with diabetes, helpful links, and resources to help you manage your diabetes

Inspirational short stories

These are faith based stories. They are written for all ages and all walks of life. We hope you enjoy them!


I have created many different icons that can be use to customize your computer's appearance. If you see something you like or have any suggestions please feel free to let me know.

Marty's home page

We believe that Marty is one of the most handsome cats we have ever seen. If you don't believe us, just look for yourself! Click the link above to go to Marty's home page or on one of the links below to see his pictures or screen saver.

Screen saver

MarcaSoft Home Page

The MarcaSoft home page contains links to a wide variety of software. Don't forget to check it out!

Faith Home Page

If you have read other religious pages and been disappointed, try this one. It is designed to show what being a true Christian is all about. Please don't judge it until you have checked it out.

Mary's home page.

I believe that a family should always be together, so Mary and I got together and made a home page just for her. We all have one now! Take a look and see what you think.

Talk to me!

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? Contact me at: mark @ marcasoft.com